The wines that have made our territory famous

  • Asti Spumante, the aromatic sparkling wine par excellence, one of the few D.O.C.G. of Italy, the wine of great occasions. A characteristic aroma and fruity flavor, with immediate fragrance, with moderate alcoholicity.
  • Moscato d’Asti, slightly sweeter, less sparkling and with lower alcohol than Asti Spumante, is perfect as a fine meal and served freshly to the dry and fresh pastry.
  • Barbera d’Asti, with grapes of the homonymous vineyard, is one of the most noble Piedmontese wines and among the most important Italian reds on an international level.
  • Brachetto d’Acqui, sparkling, aromatic, ideal for accompanying fruit and tarts. It is produced in 26 municipalities, most of all in the Asti area.
  • Dolcetto d’Asti, an ancient native vineyard that has 11 originated denominations in Piedmont, has its prestigious location in a limited area south of Asti. Ruby red, hints of cherry, perfect for light dishes of Piedmont cuisine.
  • Ruche’ Di Castagnole M.To, produced with the grapes of the homonymous vineyard in the hills of the area of ​​the Comune of Castagnole Monferrato and the six neighboring municipalities, was the wine of great opportunities in the families. Fine, dry and harmonious, it is ideal to accompany the whole meal.

Food and wine, the flavors of Asti

To accompany the wines of the Asti area, we find the dishes of the Piedmont tradition, such as the “bagna cauda”, ideal with square peppers of Motta di Costigliole, the horned horn of Nizza Monferrato, the vegetables of the Tanaro Valley.


The agnolotti, filled with donkey meat in Calliano, rabbit in Viarigi, or the “plin” in Costigliole. Ancient dishes such as the “finanziera”, mixed fried, tartrà, fricandò, are reproposed in the restaurants of the province.


In the winter menu at the table we often find melted cheese, mushrooms, truffles and “bolliti”. In the spring, asparagus, peppers, vegetables and white meats. Always present the cheeses and salami: Roccaverano robiola, goat cheese, donkey meats, flavored salami, raw ham of Cocconato.

The sweets

Pastry in Piedmont has very ancient origins and has always given prestige to the whole region. Piedmont is the homeland of chocolate, or rather, of the gianduiotto. It is ground of hazelnuts, flour, milk and fruit. From biscuits, semifreddi, cakes, you will have the embarrassment of choice.


The typical pastries of the Asti area are: the “Bunet” or “Bonèt”, made of amaretti, cocoa, eggs, milk and flavored with rum.


Stuffed peaches, usually made from an amaretti cream.
The soft “amaretti” of Mombaruzzo, with sweet and / or bitter almonds, sugar and egg white. The Tonda Gentile hazelnut cake and the hazelnut “amaretti”, called “nisulin”.


For the mignon pastry, do not miss the bignols, the chantilly and the mushrooms stuffed with chocolate cream.


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